dimecres, 25 de juliol de 2007

Any problem? Writing in English?

In my post aifosolif lapicinum, there is a comment I do not really get to understand, or make any sense out of it. How could I say it, I am told in that particular post , that is good to know we protect our mother language but with contradictions. What contradictions? I don't f.....ng get it. Also is pointed out that there is too much use of the English, and I ask... What's the f.....ng problem with it.?

I hate patronizing comments. First of all nobody is in a postition to patronize, unless you are an idiot, then yes i can understand it. My following posts for a while will be in English and you can use the translation feature offered in this blog ( by the way the translation is limited in accurate wording ). So now I am feeling like writing in f.....ng English for a while, as I said.

There is as well a criticism on doing politics or politicizing blogs. What a f.....ck, any problem with that, isn't there the freedom of speech? the freedom of reading? the freedom if you do not like something, to just avoid it if possible?

Anyway since I consider english my second language, I will pay a tribute to it during a short or not so short period of time. And as a matter of fact I think I even get more inspired writing in english, there we go.

5 comentaris:

Anònim ha dit...

estic amb tu

brasileña ha dit...

M'agradaria entendre molt bé l'anglès, el francès, saber parlar i escriure bé el català, correctament el castellà... i tots els idiomes .

itaca2000 ha dit...

No problem. You can write in english even in spanish language if you want. Already we are tired of continued prohibitions.

Yours sincerely

itaca2000 ha dit...

Està ben dit? Si no corregeix-me please.


Josep Maria ha dit...

No corrections needed, quite understandable.

See you