dijous, 17 de juliol de 2008

chasing mode

A picture for a hint
Once upon a time a man felt he was chased, and he was the aim of everybody else´s worries. He felt and still feels, and the feeling grows, as the center of the world. The nucleous where everything turns around him. The right of the saying, true or false, or what other insane thing. Yes indeed, is and enormous dissapointment, that someone as little as a chicken shit can be so evil. Have a fucking good day. Sorry I am not finish yet. The worst of it, is to write about things, turning them around, to make them look different than intendet.
Well I hope this helps to make you understand that you can´t blink an eye without thinking about someone else in negative. Go chase the horses then, and goes without saying, how pathetic is your post. Lets see if you, or someone else, gets it.

A picture for a hint.