dimecres, 25 de juliol de 2007

Any problem? Writing in English?

In my post aifosolif lapicinum, there is a comment I do not really get to understand, or make any sense out of it. How could I say it, I am told in that particular post , that is good to know we protect our mother language but with contradictions. What contradictions? I don't f.....ng get it. Also is pointed out that there is too much use of the English, and I ask... What's the f.....ng problem with it.?

I hate patronizing comments. First of all nobody is in a postition to patronize, unless you are an idiot, then yes i can understand it. My following posts for a while will be in English and you can use the translation feature offered in this blog ( by the way the translation is limited in accurate wording ). So now I am feeling like writing in f.....ng English for a while, as I said.

There is as well a criticism on doing politics or politicizing blogs. What a f.....ck, any problem with that, isn't there the freedom of speech? the freedom of reading? the freedom if you do not like something, to just avoid it if possible?

Anyway since I consider english my second language, I will pay a tribute to it during a short or not so short period of time. And as a matter of fact I think I even get more inspired writing in english, there we go.